Alexei Samarets, Treasurer


Alexei Samarets

Alexei has over five years' financial administration experience and is currently employed as a Finance Officer. He is proficient with three financial operating systems and has demonstrated his capabilities to learn new operating software. Alexei continues to develop his career and seeks to achieve a professional accounting designation.

He graduated Algonquin College with a Diploma in Business Administration, focusing on accounting. During his studies, he participated in the Algonquin College Student Association. As a representative for the School of Business, he attended quarterly meetings between faculty and members of the students association.

Alexei has played key role developing new financial policies and procedures. He has demonstrated his capability to adjust his financial skills and knowledge to the required needs of any new project. This has allowed Alexei to become a key contributor within business organizations.

As Treasurer, Alexei will leverage his capabilities to further develop and streamline the financial management process. In addition, he will explore potential financial investments.

Alexei can be reached at: