Artificial Intelligence Trailblazer Discussion

BA Trailblazer – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Panel Discussion

Artificial Intelligence Trailblazer
As the pilot session of the BA Trailblazer program, the Artificial Intelligence Trailblazer discussion sessions will leverage the presentation by Patrick Egbunonu at the November Chapter meeting, and take a deeper dive into how AI is affecting our world, and specifically how it affects us as BAs. The first meetup is on Wednesday, February 6 at the Algonquin College Corporate Training centre and will be hosted by Ted Kerr. The group will tackle topics such as the following:

  • Projects that have an AI component
  • How BAs are involved in AI projects
  • Challenges for a BA on AI projects
  • How AI affects the traditional (or modern) work of the BA

The outcome of our meetup will be a set of questions and discussion topics that will feed into a live online/in person Panel Discussion (webinar). What we come up with will be shared with the panelists ahead of time. Patrick Egbunonu has already agreed to be one of our panelists, representing Academic Interests in this topic. The plan is to also secure at least one Private Sector Interest panelist and one Public Sector Interest panelist as well.

The ultimate goal for this pilot is to provide some insights and direction for any BAs who are or will be working on projects with an AI component to meet or exceed expectations of their clients.

Not to worry if you are new or relatively new to AI! A couple of us will provide a bit of background/context at the start of our brainstorming session to help get us going. Some AI resources will also be provided before we meet, so feel free to read up a bit if you'd like.

If you would like to participate in this pilot BA Trailblazer discussion about AI on Wednesday, February 6, please contact Ted at

Update Feb. 4, 2019 - Some Suggested Background Resources:

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26 Articles on AI and Business Strategy (provided by MIT Sloan Management Review)
A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for businesses​
Government of Canada’s $125 million CIFAR Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy​

Carleton University Institute for Data Science - Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series Videos

Data Engineering Podcast

Update Feb.18, 2019:

We've distilled the suggested topics for input to the Panel Discussion.

Update March 20, 2019:

Exciting news about the AI panel discussion! We now have a moderator and two of the panelists.  We're searching for one more panelist from the public sector. If you know anyone who would be a good panelist, please contact Ted Kerr.

Update Sept. 10, 2019:

The AI panel discussion has been postponed to late 2019. In the interim, we will be having a live, closed-circuit webinar on Artificial Intelligence with AI expert Kevin Dewalt from Prolego on Wednesday October 2nd. More info and registration link can be found here