BA Trailblazer: Business Data Analytics

BA Trailblazer: Business Data Analytics

Take your career to the next level with data analytics!

The BDA Trailblazer is an opportunity for business analysts to connect and to discuss tools, techniques, and topics that will help guide their careers in business data analytics. 

The ultimate objective of this BDA Trailblazer series is to create a comfortable space in which business analysts can help each other as they explore this new career path, all that while building professional relationships and BDA skills. There will be an interactive and collective approach to the sessions where feedback and ideas will be used to determine the direction of the Trailblazer’s discussions as the series progresses.

As with all Trailblazers, we encourage participants to come forward with topics and areas of interest that they would like to lead the discussion with. Join us for a conversation on getting involved in data science projects and the challenges BAs are facing on a data analytics project!

New Sessions (October 2020 - June 2021)

January 21, 2021: BDA Domain #2 - “Source data”

In this session of BDA Trailblazer series, we will be discussing the second BDA domain - “Source Data” and the related tasks as identified in IIBA’s Guide to Business Data Analytics.

What we'll cover:

  • Review of BDA domains
  • Introduction to data sets and data collection
  • Validation of data quality
  • Techniques for sourcing data e.g., Data mart, ETL
  • Real-world examples and discussion​

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Previous Sessions

  • May 12th, 2020: At our upcoming BDA trailblazer, Fred Kuzniarz, CBAP, will be holding a discussion on the first practice domain ‘Identify Research Questions’ as outlined by the IIBA. A Gartner study stated that the majority of data analytics projects fail due to lack of organization. Formulating good research questions is key in a successful DA project. Let’s discuss this topic in-depth to help us understand this domain and offer each other some tips in what makes up ‘good’ research questions.
  • April 08th, 2020: At our upcoming trailblazer, we will deep dive into one of the five business data analytics practice domains identified by IIBA. Harsh Vaniawala, MBA, ECBA, will be leading a discussion on sourcing data for an analytics project and we will learn about Data Life Cycle, Data Warehousing and Techniques of sourcing Data (e.g. ETL).
  • March 01st, 2020: IIBA has defined a set of practice domains which Business Data Analytics practitioners can incorporate into their data initiatives. These are: identify research questions, source data, analyze data, interpret and report data, and use results to influence decision making. At our upcoming BDA trailblazer, Fred Kuzniarz, CBAP, will be holding a discussion on these 5 practice domains of Business Data Analytics and shed some light on how these can be applied in solving business problems and how they can be leveraged in the practice of business analysis.
  • January 22, 2020: At this meetup, we will deep dive into one of the most common business analytics statistical tool called Regression Analysis. We will go through examples and learn about how it is applied in the business analysis context.
  • December 08, 2019: At this meetup, Fred Kuzniarz is starting on the business data analytics glossary initiative and will be discussing some key data analytics terms and their basic definitions with some examples. If you would like to join us for this interesting session, please contact Vish, at
  • October 21, 2019: Digital transformation has led organizations to rapidly move towards data-driven decision-making and business analysts can play a key role in enabling businesses to succeed in their data initiatives.