Board of Directors

Board of Directors

IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Executive Team

Directors are elected by IIBA members (and by extension, the Chapter members) at the Annual General Meeting. The board may supplement the Executive with non-board volunteer roles, as needed.

Each Officer performs a combination of governance, administrative, and operational roles. The Board meets on a regular basis to oversee the administrative affairs of the Chapter and develop strategic plans for its growth, plan events, discuss guest speakers, review the certification process, and coordinate conference participation.

Board Composition and Rotation

To ensure continuity, Directors are elected on a rotational cycle for two-year terms, alternating between odd and even years according to position. The role of President, by contrast, is a four-year commitment, beginning by election as President-Elect for one year before transitioning into the Presidency for a two-year term and, finally, assuming the role of Past-President for the fourth and final year.

Here is a description of all board positions.

2019-2020 Board of Directors


Christina Abbott

Past President

Emily Tom


Alexei Samarets


J-P Thompson

Vice-President Communications

Magdalena Jaros

Vice-President Certification

Nancy Beatson

Director at Large

Vishwanath Sollapura

Vice-President Marketing

Vice-President Member Services

Alec Lumsden

Vice-President Professional Development

Ayman Nasralla

Visit Past Board Members page.



Support Roles



Deputy, Member Services - Membership Coordinator

Marie Halsey

Deputy, Communications

Hichem Bouslama

Deputy, Marketing - Market Research

André Ache

Deputy, Marketing - Outreach

Chinyere Ubani

Deputy, Professional Development

Marian Eke

Deputy, Communications

Michelle Grandchamp

Deputy, Member Services - Volunteer Engagement

Danielle Robert

Deputy, Marketing - Sponsorship Maxime Joannisse


If you wish to volunteer your time in any of the these capacities, please refer to the Become a Volunteer page.