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Business Analysis naturally touches on a broad range of roles and spans a variety of industries. We believe that encouraging broad participation with IIBA O-O helps us all to do our jobs better and enhances our professional collaboration. Everyone interested in professional Business Analysis is therefore welcome to join the IIBA O-O community and attend our events.

IIBA O-O Chapter Membership

The organization's formal membership plays a key role in its governance, including electing the Board of Directors, amending its Bylaws, and informing its strategic direction. Only official IIBA® Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter members are eligible to vote at the Chapter's Annual General meeting and hold office. Chapter programming also serves non-member constituencies to further the Chapter mission. Affiliation with the Chapter through such constituencies does not confer membership rights.

IIBA® Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter is incorporated as a non-profit organization without share capital under Ontario corporate law. The Chapter will begin official transition to the new Ontario Non-Profit Corporations Act (Bill 65 and supporting legislation) once it comes into force. As a non-profit organization, the Chapter's activities are carried out without the intention of gain for its members, and any accrued financial resources are used to further its non-profit purpose. 

Chapter membership is open to members of IIBA® in good standing. A person seeking membership in IIBA O-O will be accepted as a member upon submission, receipt, acceptance and processing of the required application materials, fees (if any) and assessments. Membership fees are set by resolution of the Board of Directors and approved at a general meeting of the membership. At present, the Chapter's policy is to offer dues-free membership. Chapter operations are funded through a combination of event-driven fees, corporate sponsorship, and other participation-driven revenue programs.

Ongoing membership in IIBA® is a prerequisite of Chapter membership. If a Chapter member ceases to be a member in good standing with the IIBA®, their membership in the CHAPTER is suspended pending resolution of their IIBA membership status. Chapters are not involved in the management of IIBA® memberships and receive no share of members' dues to the parent association. Membership in IIBA® is granted and managed by the international body only. For more information on joining IIBA®, please visit the Membership section of

Please note that membership information is transmitted to the Chapter by IIBA® on a monthly basis. If you have joined or renewed a lapsed membership within recent weeks, you may be asked to provide proof of membership so that the Chapter can validate your information pending the next update from IIBA®.

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