Event Presentations

Event Presentations

The following are presentations from the past IIBA-OO events. For study group presentations, please refer to the Study Group page.

October 2, 2019 BA Trailblazer | AI for BAs with Kevin Dewalt

Kevin Dewalt of PROLEGO, an AI expert, led an online session specifically for Business Analysts. We covered: 

  • what AI actually is in practical terms,
  • how to identify opportunities for AI projects,
  • what the elements of managing an AI project are, and
  • how this new revolutionary technology will affect the BA role.
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September 17, 2019

September Meeting | Agile Tools and Techniques in 59 minutes

In this interactive session, Peter Paul introduced tried-and-true estimating and planning tools used by Agile organizations where aversion to uncertainty is high.

In particular:

  • Sprint / iteration planning: Planning Poker, T-shirt sizing, and Bucketing
  • Release Map, Product Backlog sizing: Themes, Epics, Features, and User Stories