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Candidate: Michael Bell

Mike is a culturally perceptive and ambitious professional with seven years of military experience as a commissioned officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. Mike’s professionalism, initiative, and motivation have allowed him many opportunities to represent his country around the world on deployments, exercises, conferences, and other bilateral and multilateral liaison engagements. Mike is driven by the desire to constantly refine his executive aptitude and advance the success of his lifework by delivering strategic effects promoting Canadian interests and prosperity at home and abroad. Currently, Mike works as the Biometrics Portfolio Requirements Manager for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces, simultaneously developing a framework for a technology innovation strategy. He is also pursuing his Executive Master’s of Business Administration at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, where he also serves as the President of the Class of 2017.

As Vice President of Global Relations, working with the Ottawa Chapter Board, Mike will assess the external landscape and put together plans to engage local complementary associations, regional IIBA Chapters and the IIBA International Institute. Mike’s engagements will increase exchange of ideas which will help shape future Chapter activities and project IIBA brand.


This positions requires candidates.