AGM 2017 Open position

We are looking for condidates for the following positions:

Open Positions for AGM 2017

Positions being Elected:

  • VP Professional Development (2 yrs)
  • VP Certification (2 yrs)
  • Treasurer (2 yrs) -  (Incumbent is a candidate)
  • VP Member Services (2 yrs) - (Incumbent is a candidate)

Positions being Appointed*:

  • Secretary (1 yr)
  • VP Marketing (1 yr)
  • VP Global Relations (1 yr)

* As per the bylaws, these are off-cycle appointments that can occur at the discretion of the Board.

Interested candidates should consult the Board Position Description for additional details. Candidate applications for the Board Positions will be accepted until June 6th.

Applications may be submitted by email to