Design thinking is a mindset not a process!

Design thinking is a mindset not a process!

I don’t think any of us in attendance at the Tuesday’s meeting will ever forget this message!

Mike Lachapelle, an experienced and passionate BA, presented the general principle of Design Thinking as it compares to Design, the process. He re-enforced the ideas with interesting and entertaining anecdotes from his own experiences. 

So to summarize, Design Thinking is a mindset characterized by deep customer understanding, prototyping ideas, and iterative development. Methodologies most often used with the design thinking foundation are Agile/Scrum, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Design.

Design is a process or set of tools used to make something to achieve a result. There are many methodologies to choose from such as Stanford d.School Process, Human Centred Design (HCD), or 5-day design sprint. 

A big thanks to Mike for his fantastic presentation and great stories!

For more details, Mike’s slide deck is now available on the Event Presentations page. 

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