Message from Chapter President, Emily Tom

We’ve had another very successful speed recruiting event this year. Great job! Many thanks to everyone involved for your contributions, particularly the board members and volunteers who did the legwork to make it all happen. It really was a team effort between coordinating with recruiters and employers, communications, processing people at the registration desk, MC'ing, and representing our Chapter and speaking about the great things we're doing.

Thanks also to the recruiters, employers and job seekers who took the time to come out and participate in this event.  We hope you had a great time and found this to be a beneficial format to increase your professional network and socialize with new friends. 
We have had a lot of very good feedback about the way the event was run this year.  We were very pleased to see the connections happening for job seekers and recruiters/employers alike.  This was a great example of how our BA community and its partners can come together for mutual benefit.
Stay tuned as we continue offering more exceptional value to our constituents and sponsors.

Speed Recruiting March 19 2019      Stuart Houlahan and Lucie Miguel

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