Validate your assumptions with stories!
At the January meeting, we had the pleasure of hosting Ron Gagnier, a champion of customer experience, product design and design thinking. Ron introduced us to the concept of storytelling as a simple yet effective technique to validate our assumptions about the problem we’re trying to solve and...
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From our sponsor: Interested in the Future of Work?
If so, our sponsor, Algonquin College Corporate Training, invites you to its inaugural speaker series event featuring Konval Matin, Chief of Staff to the Chief Product Officer, Shopify. Konval will share insights into how to build and sustain a future-ready workforce by Embracing Change in...
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President's Letter - Welcome Back and Happy New Year!
Are you ready to launch into a fantastic New Year with the IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter?    As we finish the cleanup from the holiday season, it feels good to reflect on the achievements of the past year...the great lineup of speakers at our monthly meetings, the launch of BA...
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BA Blitz Was A Blast - Help Yourself And Help Your Community
Something cool happened for business analysts, for a non-profit organization and for IIBA on December 7th! IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter (IIBA O-O) just ran its first-ever BA hackathon, called BA Blitz.  The goal of BA Blitz was to bring together a group of BAs from the Ottawa...
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Design thinking is a mindset not a process!
Design thinking is a mindset not a process! I don’t think any of us in attendance at the Tuesday’s meeting will ever forget this message! Mike Lachapelle, an experienced and passionate BA, presented the general principle of Design Thinking as it compares to Design, the process. He re-...
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Thank you and congratulations!
Last night, at the 2019 IIBA Global Chapter Awards ceremony, the IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais chapter won the Chapter Sustainability award! Thank you to all of our board members and volunteers for making our chapter viable and vibrant, and especially to our BA community without whom there would be no...
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Interested in sustainable facility management?
If so, our sponsor, Algonquin College Learning Centre, invites you to the Sustainability Facility Professional® Information Session! The International Facility Management Association™ (IFMA) Sustainability Facility Professional® (SFP) Credential Program equips...
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Join us for the BA Trailblazer meet-up on Business Data Analytics this Thursday!
Digital transformation has led organizations to rapidly move towards data-driven decision-making and business analysts can play a key role in enabling businesses to succeed in their data initiatives. Please come and join us for a conversation on getting involved in data science projects and the...
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Running AI Projects with Kevin Dewalt
Running AI Projects with Kevin Dewalt As part of the BA Trailblazer series on Artificial Intelligence hosted by Ted Kerr, Kevin Dewalt of PROLEGO, an AI expert, led an online session last week specifically for Business Analysts. We covered:  what AI actually is in practical terms,...
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Are you interested in data science and business analytics?
Are you interested in data science and business analytics? Business analysts with data skills are increasingly sought after by companies for their analytics projects. IIBA is offering a new certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®-CBDA) to recognize the skills and competencies in...
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