Bylaw amendments shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting or upon convocation of a special General Meeting. Bylaws shall be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting membership in good standing present.
Amendments may be proposed by the Board, or by members in good standing and submitted to the Board by emailing at least thirty (30) calendar days before the General Meeting.

All amendments must be consistent with IIBA® Bylaws and the policies, procedures, rules and directives established by the IIBA® Board of Directors, as well as with the Chapter’s Charter with IIBA®.

The Board shall present all duly proposed amendments to the membership. Notice of all proposed changes shall be sent in writing to the membership at least fifteen (15) calendar days before such meeting.

Recommended Bylaw Changes for AGM - June 2016

Introducing a new Role, Vice President (VP) Global Relations (section 1 & 3 - page 6, section 15 - page 7)

IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter is growing.  Our Chapter's successes and Board's leadership is being recognized and acknowledged at the local, regional and international levels. In addition to our current engagements with IIBA International and BBC conference, we have been requested to assist other IIBA Chapter Leaders around the world, provide thought leadership in the IIBA Americas forum and participate with complementary associations in Ottawa. The Board has responded to this increased demand by formalizing a "VP of Global Relations" position.  We are seeking member's approval to update the necessary bylaws.

Description: Vice President of Global Relations works with the IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter Board of Directors to assess the external landscape and put together plans to engage local complementary associations, regional IIBA Chapters and the IIBA International Institute. His / Her engagements will increase the exchange of ideas which will help shape future Chapter activities and project IIBA brand.

Resolution to replace audit and review with an independent volunteer committee (see Annex, page 10)

A resolution is being proposed to waive Ontario's audit or review requirement for non-for-profit organizations. To ensure checks and balance, it will be replaced by an independent volunteer financial validation committee consisting of at least two personnel.  The IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Board of Directors has approved the proposed resolution and we are seeking membership's approval.

Proposed Resolution
The IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter waives the audit or review requirement. The Chapter will adopt an independent volunteer committee, consisting of two independent volunteers to review financial records at least once a year.

Here is a link to IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Corporate Bylaws changed in June 2016.