Festive fun at the 2022 Holiday Social

What a festive way to celebrate the holidays! 

We hope everyone who joined us at our December 20th Holiday Social had plenty of fun and laughs.

Thank you to Emily Tom for guiding us through her custom BA-inspired advent calendar game, and to the team at JAM Sports for organizing us into teams for the team Guess My Sketch game. Who knew we had such talented artists in our midst? As you can see from the image, our three teams, Northern Lights, Just Etch and Ladies in Red, drew some beautiful—and sometimes cryptic—sketches for us to guess. Congratulations to the Ladies in Red team for most points overall and congratulations to our 3 prize winners - we will be in touch with you soon to award you your prizes.

Many thanks to our attendees for taking time out of your busy holiday schedules to participate. Thanks again to our wonderful planning team of Ramya Dhyapa, Surani Peiris, and Helen Racette for organizing this year’s fun event.

Happy holidays! #iibaottawaoutaouais #2022holidaysocial